the tower shops at the mountain mile
February 9, 2023

If you’re someone who enjoys browsing through shops, trying delicious food, and experiencing all kinds of fun, then you will want to stop by The Tower Shops at The Mountain Mile the next time you’re in Pigeon Forge! You will find thrill rides, lawn games, incredible restaurants, and plenty of fun things to do while you’re at this complex, but what shops should you stop by? We’re here to share the best ones with you!

1. Currahee Vineyard

bottles of wine

Do you love trying new wines while you’re on vacation? Then Currahee Vineyard should be at the top of your list. This winery is based out of Georgia, but this shop provides patrons with hand-crafted wine selections for every palette. There are sweet muscadine wines, red wines made from Black Spanish grapes, and apple wines! Anyone who is 21 years old and up are able to taste wine before they buy!

2. Colyer House

Enjoy all kinds of self-care or want to find the perfect gift for your family or friends? Colyer House probably has what you’re looking for! This store at The Tower Shops at The Mountain Mile sells handmade candles in a variety of scents, as well as the vessels candles are sold in! You can even get a DIY kit so you can make your own custom candle and reuse the vessel for every new creation

3. Hatley

children's clothes boutique

Your kids can be some of the best dressed if you stop at Hatley. This children’s boutique sells clothes for babies, kids, and preteens. They’ll love the bright and colorful prints in the latest trends. Not only are these clothes eye catching, they’re also super comfy!

4. BAAK Boutique

If you grab something for the kids at Hatley, then you should go to BAAK Boutique to get something for yourself! You’ll find the latest styles at this clothing store, from leggings to tunics to dresses! And this boutique prides itself in providing the latest trends at an affordable price, just for you!

5. Pepper Palace

hot sauce

Are you a foodie who loves to try new seasonings, condiments, and pickled items out in the kitchen? Then you need to stop at Pepper Palace at The Tower Shops at The Mountain Mile. This shop specializes in all things hot sauce, relishes, jams, jellies, pickles, and more. Patrons are even able to try before they buy, so enjoy free samples and pick up a jar of something new to try!

6. The Mountain Mile General Store

If you’re one of those people who loves to browse through and see a variety of items in a store, then The Mountain Mile General Store is for you! You’ll find clothing, jewelry, home decor, figurines, body care, and so much more at this shop. Everyone will have fun looking at all the wares at this general store!

7. Savannah Bee Company

pots of honey, honey comb, and bee pollen

Another place you will want to go if you love food is Savannah Bee Company. This company is based out of Savannah, Georgia, and they sell honey and honey-based products to support their vision to save honeybees. You’re able to try their varieties of honey, as well as mead at the tasting bar. You can even try some of the body care products, like soap and lotion, in the store! You’ll love Savannah Bee Company!

The Tower Shops at The Mountain Mile are full of unique items for every interest, and we promise you’ll have a great time exploring them all. But shopping isn’t the only thing you’ll do while you stay with us! Take a look at our Freedom Fun Pass to see what other area attractions you should visit while you’re in town!