Welcome to Pigeon Forge
December 2, 2021

Are you planning a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains? When you stay in one of our cabins, you will be conveniently located near all the action. There are an array of delicious restaurants and thrilling attractions just a short drive away. Because there is so much to do in the area, it can become overwhelming trying to decide how to make the most out of your vacation. That is why we have put together this ultimate guide to a fun family day in Pigeon Forge:

Enjoy a Delicious Breakfast

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Before you begin your morning exploring the Smoky Mountains, there are plenty of places for your family to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Here are a couple of the most popular:

Sawyer’s Farmhouse

Sawyer’s Farmhouse is one of the best family breakfast places in the area. They have a large variety of meals on the menu to choose from and a fantastic kid’s breakfast menu. There are a multitude of entrees for children to choose from, including biscuits and gravy, eggs, and pancakes. Most children do not need an extra energy boost early in the morning, but they will love the taste of the Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Sawyer’s opens each morning at 8 a.m. so you can get your day started early in order to experience everything there is to do in the Smokies!

The Old Mill Restaurant

Old Mill

There is nothing like a good country style breakfast, and that is what you will get at The Old Mill Restaurant. They start you off with complimentary banana bread and a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. From there, your family will have a variety of main dishes to choose from. If you are having trouble deciding, don’t worry, everything is delicious!

Explore The Island

There is a reason why The Island in Pigeon Forge is one of the most popular attractions for first time visitors. The amusement park has so many things to see and do and it is all in one location! This saves your family some time on driving and leaves more time for family fun! Here are a couple of the best attractions you will want to visit while you are there:

The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

Towering over 200 feet in the air, this gigantic ferris wheel will give you the most amazing view of the Smokies. The best thing about the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel is you can ride it year round. Each glass gondola is temperature controlled so you never have to worry about the weather when you ride in the sky!

SkyFly: Soar America

SkyFly: Soar America

Speaking of being in the sky, the newest attraction to The Island allows your family to soar with the eagles. Skyfly: Soar America is a unique motion seat ride that takes guests on a tour of some of America’s most coveted destinations. The use of state-of-the-art technology allows riders to experience actual sounds, smells, and sights from all over the country!

Challenge the Family

There is nothing like having bragging rights over the rest of your family members. If you are a competitive family, these are a couple of thrilling attractions you don’t want to miss:

Hit the Track

One of the most popular family activities to do while on vacation is riding go karts. The Smoky Mountains have an array of amazing tracks that are sure to satisfy your need for speed! At The Track, your family can take part in a wild three-level wooden track that will get your adrenaline pumping. If you have younger children, the park also features a multitude of kiddie rides, including swings and a train ride!

Miniature Golf

miniature golf

Pigeon Forge is home to a multitude of amazing miniature golf courses. Whether you want to play through a fantasy wonderland or on top of a pirate ship, there is a course for everyone! One of the most popular places to play putt-putt in the Smokies is Crave Golf. They have a 19-hole rooftop course that is candy themed! As you compete to get the best score, be on the lookout for the delicious gumball trees and giant lollipops!

When you stay at one of our cabins, we can help you save money on your family day in Pigeon Forge! Be sure to check out all the details of our amazing Freedom Fun Pass as you plan your next family vacation! We hope to see you soon!