Comedy Barn
June 19, 2024

We are proud to offer quality lodging in Pigeon Forge because it is a great vacation destination. The city has fun things to do that you won't find anywhere else. What's more? Save money on these activities when you use our free attraction tickets! Here is is a list of 3 unique things to do in Pigeon Forge that are included in our free attraction tickets:

1. Alcatraz East Crime Museum

alcatraz crime museum

Pigeon Forge is known for its interesting museums. No matter which one you go to, the exhibits are highly interactive and teach visitors about cool topics. The Alcatraz East Crime Museum is named after the once-famous military base and prison in San Francisco, CA. Our coupon to this attraction saves you money on a cool experience that teaches you about the history of crime in the United States. Some things to check out include the full-scale model police station where you can get your mugshot taken, sit in a jail cell, and undergo a lie detector test. Another exhibit includes a murder investigation simulation. There is also an Artifacts Center with belongings from infamous American criminals.

2. The Comedy Barn

Another one of the unique things to do in Pigeon Forge is to experience all the fun at The Comedy Barn. Our coupon will save you money on a ticket to the most successful and most attended clean comedy theater in the world! The shows are packed with hilarious antics that are sure to get you and your travel group laughing! Watch the ventriloquist converse with Bonzo the Monkey and his friends. There are also some daring stunts, as you can watch one performer attempt to juggle stun guns. Some of the shows feature live animals as well. You might see a house cat dive onto the stage or a talkative parrot that flies through rings. If you want to get in on the action, you’ll be glad to know that audience participation is highly encouraged. You could get pulled on stage or have fun watching your friends or loved ones.

3. Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

mountain coaster

Our coupon to the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster will save you money on a fun ride. It is the longest coaster in East Tennessee. The track features 4 uplifts and 360° turns. The ride itself reaches maximum speeds of 30 miles per hour and is fun for all ages. Visitors can ride by themselves or with one other person. The riders control the speed using a hand brake. This makes the ride fun for everyone! Thrill seekers can go fast down the twisty track and speed through the tunnels. On the other hand, those who want a more leisurely experience can go slow and admire all the natural scenery on the over 20 acres of land.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of the unique things to do in Pigeon Forge. Our guests can get one free ticket to these attractions and more per day of their stay. Take advantage of all our free attraction tickets during your vacation!