fall in the mountains
September 8, 2023

Every year, lots of visitors come to the Smoky Mountains in the fall to enjoy the opportunities the season presents in this incredible region. From stunning displays of nature, to fun seasonal activities, there are plenty of reasons to visit the Smoky Mountains in the fall. Here are a few of our favorites!

1. Changing of the Leaves

colorful fall leaves

The most well known reason to visit the Smoky Mountains in the fall is, of course, the incredible changing of the leaves that sweeps across the mountains. Red, orange, and yellow hues overtake the peaks and valleys of the Smoky Mountains throughout the fall, giving visitors an opportunity to see some truly incredible sights. Go for a hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and check out some of the stunning overlooks, or go for a scenic drive to take in the fall colors. However you decide to explore the Smoky Mountains in the fall, you’ll definitely want to bring your camera along to capture some of the amazing sights.

2. Seasonal Activities

When summer gives way to fall in the Smoky Mountains, there are plenty of local activities and festivals that occur to celebrate the season! One of the most popular ways to celebrate the fall season in the Smokies is by heading over to Dollywood for their Harvest Festival. Try delicious apple and pumpkin treats as you check out fall-themed activities and decor throughout the park. Plus, you can ride exciting rides like Big Bear Mountain, giving you both thrills and unique views of the Smoky Mountains in the fall. You can also head to Gatlinburg, where the town puts on a Harvest Festival of its own, complete with decorations and more! These fun and exciting celebrations are just another reason to plan a trip to the Smoky Mountains in the fall.

3. Pleasant Weather

river in fall

If you’re ready to be done with summer heat, you’ll love the weather that will be waiting for you in the Smoky Mountains in the fall! With average temperatures below 70 degrees and lots of cool mountain breezes, the weather is ideal this time of year for enjoying some of the best activities the Smoky Mountains have to offer. Embark on a family hike while breathing the crisp mountain air or gather around a fire pit and enjoy the starry night sky here in the Smokies. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll love the pleasant weather that accompanies fall in the Smoky Mountains.

4. Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

While it is possible to see the wildlife here in the Smoky Mountains during any season, fall is a particularly good time to spot some of the incredible creatures that call the Smokies home. Animals tend to venture out less during the extreme heat of summer and the cold of winter, instead preferring moderate temperatures like those found during the fall. If you’re interested in spotting wildlife, you’ll want to check out popular viewing spots like Cataloochee Valley and Cades Cove, which offer long sight lines and have plenty of animal inhabitants! Just make sure to stay at least 50 yards away from wildlife at all times and avoid disturbing their environment. We recommend bringing a pair of binoculars to improve your viewing experience!

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to visit the Smoky Mountains in the fall. From the amazing colors and pleasant weather, to seasonal festivities and more, you’ll have a blast when you come celebrate fall in the Smoky Mountains. Browse our selection of luxury cabins in the Smoky Mountains today and start planning your perfect fall getaway!