luxury cabin rental in the smoky mountains
March 1, 2023

While a hotel might initially seem more inexpensive than our cabins, you’ll be surprised to know that our cabins actually offer a much better value! This is especially true if you are planning to share the cost of your vacation with a large family or a group of friends. Our beautiful cabins are not just simply a place to stay, but a vacation destination in their own right. Here are the top 5 reasons why our cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains are a better value than a hotel:

1. Privacy of Separate Bedrooms

deck of a Smoky Mountain cabin with mountain views

When staying at our cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains, you’ll enjoy the comforts and privacy of separate bedrooms. This is much better than trying to fit everyone into several cramped hotel rooms, which also turns out to be more expensive! As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your other family members if you want to stay up late watching television or getting up early to relax on the deck!

2. Peaceful Ambiance of the Smokies

We know that most folks plan a Smoky Mountain vacation to enjoy the beauty of the region, so why settle for a hotel room with a parking lot view. Our cabin rentals are located in stunning locations that make you feel completely immersed into the mountains, and the only noises that you’ll hear are the peaceful sounds of nature! Start your day with watching the sunrise over a mountain peak, then come outside during the evening hours for some incredible stargazing opportunities!

3. Free Attraction Tickets

mountain coaster in the Smoky Mountains

Another one of the top reasons why our cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains are a better value than a hotel is because we offer free tickets to area attractions! We are pleased to offer this perk just for staying with us, and there are no strings attached. You’ll receive one free ticket per paid night stay to a variety of exciting attractions throughout Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg – so the more you stay, the more you save!

4. Amazing Cabin Amenities

A major thing that sets us apart from a hotel stay is all of our amazing cabin amenities! Our cabins are designed to create the ultimate vacation experience, so you’ll find everything from cabins with theater rooms to those that feature their own private swimming pool. Regardless of your choice, you can count on standard amenities such as bubbling hot tubs, private decks with scenic views, fireplaces, game rooms and so much more! Don’t be surprised if you never want to leave the cabin during your vacation!

5. Fully Equipped Kitchens

kitchen inside a Smoky Mountain cabin

When staying in a hotel room, you have no choice but to dine out for all of your meals and that can quickly get expensive. However, when staying at our cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains, you have access to a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, stove, refrigerator and every other amenity necessary for meal preparation! Whether you want to make a quick breakfast before heading out for the day or enjoy a gourmet meal in the evening, you’ll love the convenience of the kitchen!

Check out all of our cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains today to plan the perfect getaway to the Smokies! We look forward to seeing you soon!