May 29, 2024

The Smoky Mountain area is a great vacation destination. It is ideal for any season or occasion and visitors of all ages can have a great time! If you want to plan the perfect trip there and don’t know where to start, let us make the process a little easier. Here is a list of 4 tips for planning a vacation at our luxury Smoky Mountain cabins:

1. Choose the Right Size Cabin

You can rent one of our spacious luxury cabins for any occasion! Our cabins have up to 16 bedrooms and can accommodate as many as 81 people. All of the cabins have rooms with single beds that are great for relaxing and unwinding. Other cabins have rooms with bunk or multiple beds. These are great for kids because being all together will feel like one big sleepover. If your travel group is on the larger side, you’ll be glad that the 2 to 16 bedroom cabins have multiple bathrooms. This will make getting ready and winding down for the day much more efficient which will ensure that you make the most of your vacation time.

2. Choose from Great Luxury Amenities


We know that lodging for a vacation is a significant expense, so we want you to get the most out of your money. That is why we offer great amenities at our luxury Smoky Mountain cabins. Starting with the comforts of home, our cabins have a full-size kitchen where you can prepare your favorite foods along with a spacious living area. Additionally, our cabins also have luxury amenities to make your stay even better. They all have a bubbling hot tub on the porch. Using it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in style. You can have even more luxury amenities in your cabin! Rent one that has a private indoor pool and/or a theater room. Other cabins also have fun table games or arcade machines. All of these great features are sure to provide endless entertainment!

3. Plan Out What Activities You Want to Do and Use Our Free Attraction Tickets

In addition to picking the perfect cabin, you also need to decide what activities you most want to do. It is wise to plan out your itinerary in advance. This way, you can get tickets to everything if needed. We offer free attraction tickets to guests, so they can have fun while saving money. One of the included activities is the Alcatraz East Crime Museum at The Island in Pigeon Forge. It teaches visitors about different aspects of the history of crime in the United States. The various exhibits have fun interactive activities, one of which is a full-scale model police station where visitors can get their mugshot taken and more! Another activity that we offer free attraction tickets for is WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge, a unique museum that combines education and entertainment . It has 6 themed exhibits called Wonder Zones along with the world’s largest indoor ropes course! Get one ticket per paid night of your stay.

4. Use Our Specials to Save Money on Rental Costs


Along with free attraction tickets, another way we help guests save money is by running Specials throughout the year! They can take a percentage off rental costs and even grant a free night. To use them, find a deal that applies to the cabin you want to stay in during your vacation.

It’s time to put these tips into action! Start planning by taking a look at all of our luxury Smoky Mountain cabins and choosing the perfect one!